If you fear the dentist, and the very thought of dental treatment sends your anxiety through the roof, then you’re not alone. It is a common problem and one that can sadly stand in the way of our oral health. And, the problem only gets worse for complex medical treatments like dental implants. If you need to sit in the dentist’s chair for several hours, you may worry about pain levels, comfort and, quite simply your ability to sit still for long enough.

Fortunately, anxiety isn’t a problem that needs to stand in the way of you getting the treatment you need. At Sydney Implant Studio, it’s important to us that you’re as happy during your treatment as you are with your new smile afterwards. That is why we offer our patients sleep dentistry. With IV sedation on your side, your dental implant treatment will seem like a dream.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry uses medication in the form of I.V sedation to ease the fears and anxieties of dental procedures. While you won’t actually be asleep, the anaesthesia creates a dream-like state. The amazing thing is that patients experience partial to total amnesia after their treatment, meaning you’ll more than likely look in the mirror and wonder how your amazing new smile got there.

Who is sleep dentistry for?

Anxiety can be so overwhelming that it can prevent people from seeking the treatment they need. Some even avoid the dentist for years. Sleep dentistry is ideal for use in people with severe fear and anxiety. However, it can also be an option for anyone with a low pain threshold, extreme sensitivity, or issues sitting still.

Sleep dentistry can be used for any type of dental treatment and removes all the discomfort along with the anxiety. In fact, the large majority of our patients at Sydney Implant Studio opt for sleep dentistry. While anxiety plays a part in this, it is also due to the length of surgery. Most All-on-4 procedures take around three to four hours, which is a long time to lie still with your mouth open.

How Is the Anaesthesia Administered?

I.V. stands for intravenous, which means that the anaesthesia for sleep dentistry is administered through a vein. Now, before you worry about the fear of needles, fortunately, we’ve got another trick up our sleeves. At our studio, we use The Wand, a computerised device that looks more like a pen than a needle. The market-leading injection technology pushes the anaesthetic into the vein so gently that you’re unlikely to even notice it. What’s more, the computer-controlled technique ensures you get exactly the dosage you need at exactly the right rate. When you have sleep dentistry using The Wand, your treatment becomes less stressful, and you’ll drift off into a semi-conscious state. All the while, your sedation will be administered and monitored by a qualified anaesthetist or medical doctor.

What Happens During The Treatment?

Once the anaesthetic has been administered you’ll fall into deep relaxation. You’ll remain awake during the procedure, and be able to respond to the dentist, but you’ll be in a dream-like state. Your dentist will be able to carry out the procedure that you need and not only will you be completely pain-free, but it will feel as if it took no time at all.

Sleep Dentistry is a very safe and highly effective technique for overcoming the fear, anxiety and discomfort that dental implant treatment can cause.

If you feel anxious about your implant procedure, call us on (02) 9188 7807 to discuss sleep dentistry.