Dental Implants the All on 4 Way

The All on 4 dental implant system may be a complex procedure, but it is carried out in just six steps. At Sydney Implant Studio, we’ll:

1 – Meet with you 

We offer all our patients a complimentary All on 4 consultation with Dr Spyrakis. The consultation is your opportunity to explain your concerns and what you’d like to achieve. As well as listening to your wishes, Dr Spyrakis will examine your teeth, gums and jawbone and take a 3D head and neck scan (CBCT) to assess your suitability for the All on 4 treatment.


2 – Create a personalised treatment plan

Once a decision has been made regarding your suitability for the All on 4 treatment, Dr Spyrakis will create a detailed and personalised treatment plan. The plan uses all the information from your consultation to ensure you receive the optimum treatment.


3 – Build a model of your mouth

To plan your treatment perfectly, we build a model replica of your mouth. This is done by taking impressions, photos and x-rays of your teeth and jaws. Dr Spyrakis will use the study model to accurately plan the angles of your implants and design your new smile with great precision.


4 – Plan the optimal implant positioning

Using advanced Simplant software, the study model we’ve built is used alongside diagnostic data to carefully plan out each stage of your treatment. A surgical guide is produced by our laboratory technician to ensure that your implants are placed in the perfect position. What this means is that you can have confidence from the outset that your teeth will look, feel and function as good as new.


5 – Place your implants

We perform all implant surgery onsite at our Bondi Junction studio. You’ll be welcomed by Dr Spyrakis and your anaesthetist to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. During the surgery, your jaw will be prepared to receive the implants. Once ready, Dr Spyrakis will place the implants strategically into the jawbone using the personalised surgical guide. Your implants will be placed with optimal torque to ensure that your new teeth can be fitted straight away.


6 – Fit your new teeth

Your new teeth will be made at high-tech labs in Bondi Junction using a choice of acrylic, titanium frame and zirconia materials. Thanks to the All on 4 method, your new teeth can usually be fitted in just one to three days after your implant surgery. When we fit your teeth we make sure that they fit and feel just right and will make any adjustments needed to ensure you are smiling from ear to ear.

It’s as simple as that, within a very short time, you’ll have a brand new smile. Next, all you have to do is look after it. The care you give your new smile will make a huge difference to how long it lasts. Be sure to maintain a good level of oral hygiene and to have regular checkups with your dentist, and you’ll be smiling for years to come.