A Permanent Solution For Missing or Damaged Teeth

Missing or damaged teeth can have a huge impact on our lives. When we don’t have fully functional teeth, it affects what we eat and how we look and can give our confidence a serious knock. While there are many ways we can try to resolve the problem, not all solutions are long-lasting and comfortable. Dental implants are the only permanent solution for missing teeth that look, feel and function like new. What’s more, not only will your replacement teeth look natural but you’ll have the freedom to eat, speak and smile, just like you used to.

How Do Dental Implants Work? 

Dental implants are a common treatment for replacing missing teeth and have been used across Australia for many years. The implants are made from pure titanium, which is placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. Once an implant has been placed, the titanium gradually fuses with the jawbone, which holds it firmly in place and creates a strong foundation for replacement teeth.

Each implant has an internal screw, known as an abutment that can hold a false tooth in place. Once a crown is attached to the implant, it looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth. Implants can either support one or several replacement teeth. The number of implants required will depend on individual circumstances can vary from one implant for one tooth to eight or more for a full arch of teeth.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

As we’ve touched on, dental implants are the only permanent solution for damaged or missing teeth. As such, they are more comfortable and convenient than the alternatives, you don’t have to worry about taking them out to clean them or restricting your diet to account for them. In fact, dental implants offer many benefits:

  • Support your natural teeth – when there is a gap in your mouth, your other teeth will move to fill it, this causes further problems with crowding, uneven spaces and cleaning. Dental implants fill the gap and support your natural teeth.
  • Rebuild your jawbone – when teeth are missing, your jawbone deteriorates. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone, supporting your jawbone and encouraging growth.
  • Retain your face shape – if your jawbone deteriorates your face may become sunken. By encouraging a healthy jawbone, dental implants will keep you looking fresher and younger for longer.

Who Are Dental Implants Suitable For?

Dental implants are suitable for anyone with missing or damaged teeth, dependent on an assessment of your medical history. However, to place the implants securely, you will need to have enough jawbone to support them. At Sydney Implant Studio, we offer a complimentary consultation to all of our patients, where your suitability can be assessed. If there isn’t enough jawbone to support the implants, it doesn’t mean that the treatment isn’t possible. However, dental implants may not be as straightforward and preparatory treatments such as bone grafting and sinus augmentation may be needed.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implants is very much dependent on the number of implants that are required and whether any additional treatments are required to prepare the jawbone. However, the cost of a single implant alone can range from $5k-$6k. At Sydney Implant Studio, we understand that dental treatment can be a significant expense. However, we also know from years of experience how important it is to receive treatment sooner rather than later to avoid further problems. We can offer a payment plan option, including an option to fund your treatment with your superannuation, to help manage the cost and ensure you get the treatment you need, when you need it.

Book Your Implant Consultation

If you’d like to find out whether dental implants could be right for you, call us to arrange your complimentary consultation with Dr Spyrakis. By the end of the consultation, you’ll have a personalised treatment plan and, hopefully, a reason to smile again.

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    Dental implants are a substantial investment in your mouth, your oral health and your general wellbeing. Single tooth implants usually cost around $5k-$6k.

    Yes, to help with the cost of dental implants, we can offer payment plan options. You can also access your superannuation fund to pay for the treatment. We provide information about this at your implant consultation.

    Our studio is led by Dr Theo Spyrakis, one of Sydney’s leading implant experts. He has spent over 15 years performing and studying implant dentistry and places over 500 implants each year. Dr Spyrakis’s experience, dedication and enthusiasm for creating beautiful smiles is second to none.

    The length of surgery depends on individual circumstances. However, the procedure can take up to three to four hours.

    As with any dental procedure, there is some discomfort. However, implants will be placed using either a local anaesthetic or sleep dentistry. We will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible before, during and after surgery.

    With decades of clinical experience and millions of patients treated, dental implants are an extremely successful procedure. As long as implants are cared for and patients practice good oral hygiene, they can last a lifetime.

    At our studio, using a local anaesthetic, dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone.

    Dental implants are made from biocompatible materials; titanium is the most widely used. Meanwhile, crowns are made from resin or porcelain, to build durable replacement teeth.

    Dental implants need to be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth. To ensure they last, good oral hygiene is crucial as are regular trips to the dentist for review and maintenance.